Sunday, November 2, 2014

bloom true ~ week two

In my last post, I shared some of my experiences in the first week of the Bloom True e-course, and how it fit into our unschooling life by sparking the kids' interest as they saw me engaged in creating intuitive art. The second week continued in a similar manner. Before I got down to painting on canvas, I built an adjustable easel with help from Papa and Sylvia. 

Then I set up my studio space in an unfinished portion of the upstairs, and I was able to put the first layers on my first two canvases. The main theme of week two was Letting Go. We were encouraged in various ways to put our paint to canvas without overthinking ourselves.
the beginning

As we moved into color-mixing, one of the photo prompts was to find complimentary colors in our lives.

With Ayla's faerie look for inspiration, Sylvia and I looked for that same color combination around our home and yard.
complimentary colors (fairie, pear leaves, woven bag, sumac)

a painting tool

canvas one: layers two and three


Another photo prompt was to take a hand portrait. I used this photo that I took last week while on a hike. Ayla had decorated my gloves for me. Then I headed outside to take photos of the girls' hands. This is what I found, as they were trying to free this tree from some invasive vines that had grown up around it.
Those 11-year-old hands were capable of climbing quite high with a pocket knife to free the branches from a very thick vine. Be still, my anxious mama heart.
They did it.

canvas two: layers two and three


Each of these canvases will likely have many more layers before they are complete.

Another daily photo prompt was to share a picture that symbolized letting go. Here I am.
photo by Sylvia

Meanwhile, I started yet another canvas when I mixed up too much purple paint.

Then I had all of this bright chaos happening, and Camille decided that she wanted her own canvases to play on.

Camille's first and second layers on two canvases

We also went horseback riding with our girl scout troop, and there was yet more painting. This time, on pumpkins.

As I begin to look more closely at the colors and lines and shapes around me, I see inspiration everywhere. I have no idea how (or if) it will translate onto a canvas for me, but it is an exciting perspective nonetheless and I am thankful for it.

making marks, sketching lines (inspired by crocheted granny squares, embroidered curtains, and printed fabrics)

A few bonus pictures from another mom's camera: (because it's hard to snap pics when you are on top of a tall Clydesdale with an excited, squirmy 4-year-old sharing your saddle :)
Camille on Dylan

Sylvia on Sunny
me and Ayla and on Tally


  1. all the color is so an inhibited painter myself, i am impressed!

  2. Thanks! This course is really challenging me to let go of outcome expectations and to enjoy the process. I'm having fun with it, even if I don't actually like the look of some of the layers. I'm looking at it all as very temporary at this stage.


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