Monday, July 27, 2015

July ~ On the Fly (part I)

As unschoolers we don't really differentiate between the "school year" and "summer break". We engage in learning year-round, but summer decidedly has a flavor of its own and we are savoring its deliciousness!

so happy on her first day of horse camp

  sandhill cranes

 rookie baseball


   Castle Rock


  As a single-income family with three kids we need to be thoughtful about spending. As such, we have found so many awesome things to do that are free or low-cost. When Camille became determined to go to horse camp she asked that her grandparents give her money towards her goal instead of birthday and Christmas presents this past year. We were happy to make up the difference and she enjoyed every minute of it. Sylvia, Ayla, and I went on some adventures of our own while she was busy riding the trails every day.

 final day of horse camp

 Pewitt's Nest

 Spirit Lake

 We picked 10 pounds of blueberries.

  feeding each other the "plumpiest ones"

Wa Du Shuda parade
 This month has been completely filled to the brim with adventure, sweat, laughter, sweetness, tired muscles, dirty feet, and blue skies. What more could a girl ask for?


  1. my kids want to take horse riding lessons, but it is $50 an hour! oh well. i am glad your girl got to attend horse camp. with 4, almost 5, kids, having to multiply everything by 5 really stinks. but they have plenty to do and the scheduled activities drain my energy anyway. it looks like we might be out of town during co-op sign up and perhaps that is a blessing in disguise. memberships to places really help families like us though so I am thankful for that.

  2. your daughter totally inspired me to look more into horseback lessons and guess what? I found 8 1 1/2 hour classes at the YMCA for $60! that's like 7-8$ for an hour and a half! We get a scholarship and this particular Y is at least a 45 minute drive but my daughter is going to freak :) the kids have to be at least 8 so my other kids will not be happy...

  3. Megan, that's awesome about the horseback classes at the Y! What a great price. My kids have gotten used to the fact that sometimes only one or two of them get to do something special, but they trust that I will even it out in the long run. So far, I've always kept up my end of the deal and whatever sadness/jealousy they have quickly passes. :)

  4. Ahhhhhh! We just spent the day at Spirit Lake!! And heard about Pewitt's Nest for the first time, though I'm not sure we'll make it there this time around...It looks so beautiful! Happy happy summer...

  5. Playing catch up with your blog. My oldest loves horses and would love to take lessons. It was very expensive in VA, and I haven't had a chance to check since we've moved to OH. It's on my list of things to plan for next spring/summer.


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