Thursday, November 19, 2015

On a Monday

On the days that we run errands, we pepper in stops at parks and waysides amongst trips to the library, band class, and grocery shopping. My kids have been known to shout, "Can we go run errands today? Pleeeease?"

It's a wonder what 45 minutes at the county park can do for our moods. Sunshine, climbing trees, fresh air? I'm in!
 Sylvia has started to ask if she can use my camera more and more lately, so there are shots of me climbing and playing this time too, as I am likely to do.
 *photo by Sylvia
 *photo by Sylvia
I love this pic that Sylvia took of Ayla, as Ayla was trying to take pics on my good ol' flip phone.
*photo by Sylvia

 second park stop, after library, before groceries

 After all that autumn playfulness, the trip around the grocery store was a breeze. We all helped find things on the list, and checked prices, and discussed what special extras we might fit into the budget. We chatted up the elderly folks that were shopping near us who couldn't help smile and remark on a five year old that was excited about being able to get cauliflower, the eight year old doing pirouettes in the empty aisles, and the twelve year old who alternated having her nose in a library book and seeing which pickles didn't have yellow dye added. This is not to say that my kids are always perfect angels (in public or in private), but just that we found a way of running errands that works for us. We embrace it, enjoy it, and take our time about it.
 After all was said and done and we were back home in the evening, we tried out a new balancing game called Suspend. It was decidedly a hit as we played it almost every evening after for the rest of that week.

Sometimes, on a Monday, things go just right. Sisters get along and enjoy each other's company. Mama climbs across the top of the monkey bars because her five year old promises her it's gonna be fun. A pile of leaves beckons in the sunshine. Nobody gets hurt, and the laughter is abundant. When that happens, I am grateful. In all it's common beauty, it's worth feeling grateful for this day of running errands on a Monday.

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