Sunday, January 17, 2016

January's grace

January 1 - 10

We started out the new year with strawberry shortcake for breakfast and have been filling our January unschooling days with lots of games, books, science experiments and related YouTube videos, snowy adventures, music playing, art, knitting, play dates, sleepovers, and volunteering. Below are some of the moments of our days that I remembered to catch on camera. 

Rather than any sort of New Year's resolutions, I like to choose a word or phrase to guide my year. My chosen word for 2016 is grace. For me this conjures up a feeling of inspiration and flow, a softening and expanding heart, a forgiving and loving nature, an awareness of beauty and awe, and an attitude of acceptance and gratitude. 

We all have struggles, and I hope to face my difficult moments as well as my peaceful ones by allowing myself, my family, and those around me as much grace as I can muster this year. Blessed be.



snowy adventure


physics kit, finding the area of gravity

shoveling our long driveway

sister snuggles

12-year-olds, building an extensive blanket fort

5-year-olds, living room music performance

You can have the other words -- chance, luck, coincidence, serendipity. I'll take grace. I don't know what it is exactly, but I'll take it.

~Mary Oliver, from Sand Dabs, Five


  1. Love your word for the year. We all need to give and receive grace every single day. I think it's easier for me to give grace to everyone, except myself! That's one pretty awesome fort they built, and love the snow pictures. What are you knitting? Those colors are gorgeous! Also loving your selfie in that fabulous hat!

    1. Darcel, I definitely need the reminder to allow myself grace. Why is that soooo difficult? :) The knitting is a sweater that I'm working on for Camille. It's the Sotherton pattern from The Best of Jane Austen Knits. Thanks for your kind comments! <3

  2. Ive been taking occasional peeps at your beautiful life but dont think ive ever seen your face. Its nice to see a picture of you. Your happiness really shines through :)


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