Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Popping in

I haven't posted in over a month as we have been busy living this full, exhausting, messy, wonderful life of ours. In the time that went by, we have been on a real live tropical vacation and celebrated a 9th birthday. We have spent time volunteering, and exploring, and questioning, and problem solving, and playing, and educating ourselves. I have every intention of catching up and sharing photos from some of our daily adventures, but for now I'm just popping in for a minute to share about my new magazine column.

As spring is thawing the snow under our feet, I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of JUNO magazine's spring issue in my mailbox. On page 9 in the Home Ed column is yours truly with a bit about how homeschooling works for our family. I'm excited to be included in JUNO, which is a quarterly magazine that "promotes a natural approach to family life and inspires and supports parents as they journey through the challenges of parenting".

In other news, the yard is muddy, the laundry is hanging on the line, the chickens (and ducks and geese) are laying eggs again, and the weather calls for such fashionable combinations as a tank top paired with a wooly knit fox hood. You just never know in Wisconsin. Cheers.


jumping rope and a caterpillar

goose egg


  1. Love your posts. We miss you here in Madison!

  2. I have been waiting for you! ha! I will definitely check out Juno.

  3. congratulations on the new writing venture! that is exciting! and that all sure looks suspiciously like happy to see you.

  4. Aw, I'm so glad you all still stop by here. Thanks for visiting and for your kind words! It encourages me to keep blogging. :)


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