Tuesday, July 25, 2017

On turning 40...

I recently celebrated my fortieth birthday.

I have had a few people tell me recently that I don't look 40, and maybe they mean it and maybe they're just being nice (and for the fact that they are trying to be kind I appreciate them), but here's the thing. I don't care. The truth is that these 40 years have brought me a multitude of experiences and those experiences have made me kinder and wiser, more compassionate and more comfortable in my skin. My 40-year-old body has birthed babies and nurtured them. This body has contained my joy and my sadness; my love and pain and strength. Every curve and wrinkle and scar tells a story, so many stories, and I wouldn't trade any of them. My sturdy feet, my strong thighs, my comfortable hips, my rounded belly and breasts, my sun-browned shoulders, my capable fingers, and my laugh-lined eyes; they all serve me well.

Some days I can hardly believe that I'm an adult and some days I feel every bit of my years, and those days aren't even mutually exclusive. What if as a culture, we deeply valued the aging process? What if we saw the grace and gratitude in it? I am a 40 year old woman and I am proud of that fact. I am deeply grateful for my years. I am looking forward to my forties and whatever years beyond that I am granted. Cheers to the aging that brings understanding and appreciation, patience and forgiveness (of self and others).

 photos by my love and partner in this life journey

 I chose to celebrate my 40th birthday canoeing on the Kickapoo River with my family. It was a spectacular day for it.

We finished off the day at a local restaurant. We're not fancy, but it's a good life, and I'm thankful for the years.


  1. Love this post! Happy (belated) 40th!!! You look like someone I might be friends with :-)

  2. Thanks, Ingi! You look like you could be my friend too ;)

  3. I have loved you and your wisdom and the body it's carried in for twenty something years and I hope to continue witnessing the beauty and wisdom as it unfolds each passing revolution. Blessings, Mama Snail
    Ps GORGEOUS doesn't begin to describe you

    1. Stacey, your comment truly warmed my heart. Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship!!! Much love to you and yours <3


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