Friday, September 22, 2017

Sept ~ Part I (Renaissance Faire)

 We started September off with a delightful day trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I had bought discount tickets earlier in the summer and we could no longer be too busy to make it happen because this was the final weekend of the season. It was now or never.
 If you get a chance to attend a renaissance faire, I highly recommend dressing up for the occasion. It adds to the festive experience. We mostly raided our dress-up clothes and old Halloween costumes. I also finally let go of my beloved flip phone and can now attempt "selfies" on a legit smart phone. I know, I'm so behind the times. ;)

 Ayla stopped to chat with the flowers and ferns about what a beautiful day it was

Cam and Sylvia preparing for a fencing duel

 "I wish thee well, Sister Knight"

the victor

 Ayla and the elf enjoyed making silly faces at each other

 We cheered on the jousters

The Barely Balanced Trio was our favorite act of the day

We ended the faire with a drum circle dance in the rain

We left muddy and breathless from giggles with a long drive ahead of us. Definitely worth it.


  1. We are going to the Renaissance festival soon! Kids are free on Sundays. We have not been in 5 years. My kids will love it.


    1. I hadn't been to a Ren faire since I was a teenager. We all really enjoyed it and it can be hard to find something that a 7 yo and a 14 yo are going to be equally delighted by. I wish ours had a day where kids were free... Enjoy!


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