Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Early autumn highlights

Here's a bunch of pics from the last month or so.
 Mmmm.  We love picking  at Blue Skies organic raspberry farm.  However, our own community garden plot was seriously overgrown this year.

 S enjoyed a dance party at the library, complete with bubbles, and C put on a fashion show inspired by Project Runway.

Climbing trees, swinging at the park, and watching caterpillars turn into butterflies are truly timeless activities.  C set free the butterfly formerly known as Katrina the Caterpillar.

Here's A, sportin' a onsie created by C, and sleeping with the Devil's Lake bluffs as a backdrop.  

I'll try to keep posting pics as they come up.  Eventually, I would like to write out some of my thoughts, but that will have to wait until life is a little less busy (it may be a while......) 


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