Friday, October 22, 2010

Upheaval and cupcakes

The main sewer pipe leading out of our house had to be replaced this week, digging up our rain garden in the front yard and covering the rest of the yard in a giant pile of dirt. C quickly repotted some plants from her garden to save them and also surprised us with a mini bouquet in the bathroom.

Later that day, C and S met with others in their  4H Cloverbud group at Lakeview Community Park.  They made maps of the park.  S intently drew a large flock of geese on her map.

Mapmaking was followed by cupcake decorating.  C took the close-up pic of her yummy creations.  S wants to point out that she decorated her cupcakes "by myself with no help".

Today, S brought me some "opposites" during C's pottery class.  She showed off her light turkey feather and heavy rock.  I love seeing my kids draw connections from what they learn and how they play.  When "education" is an integrated part of life, learning can (and does) happen everywhere.

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