Thursday, May 5, 2011


We needed a day to "do nothing" after lots of productive packing early in the week, and lots of SUNSHINE yesterday.  Our nothing looked something like this:

*stickers and markers and card stock for card-making

*Cbeebies and stringing beads on pipe-cleaners (with Sylvia)

*tumbling and wrestling on the mattress downstairs (S and C)

*watching Xena: Warrior Princess and eating gluten-free grilled cheeses (with Camille)

*almost mastering standing without holding on (that would be Ayla)

*handsewing a zipper into a vintage dress for Camille to wear to a Fancy Nancy party at the library (that would be me)

*singing and general carrying on (all of us :)

...and my evening plans include such excitement as dropping stuff at the thrift store, trying to find some funky tights to go with the vintage dress, and going to the fabric store for buttons for my (almost) finished knitting project, with only ONE child along.  A fine day of doing be sure.

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