Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Olbrich Gardens (and a ramble)

Did it really snow here about two weeks ago?  Today was 85 F and sunny.  We rode our bikes to Olbrich Botanical Gardens today and had to bike over to get gelato to cool off afterwards.  Sylvia and Ayla do well in the bike trailer together, and I can barely keep up with Camille now though it was only a month ago that she started riding without training wheels.  That girl can cruise!

Two-and-a-half weeks 'til our big move to the country.  I can only imagine in what ways our lives will change, what will stay the same...

When I was in high school I told my best friend that I wanted to travel and live off of the land, etc.  I think I wished it was the seventies, although it was the early nineties.  After listening to me ramble about my dreams, she said, "You sound like you want to be a hobo...or a farmer...", neither of which sounded at all appealing to her.  Well, I grew up in the suburbs, I knew I wanted something different.  I left home after I graduated high school, and I did travel rather hobo-style off and on during my late teens/early twenties.  Then, I settled in the city, and have been enjoying the community / friendships / opportunities here.  

Now, it's apparently time for my next big shift.  I know I will be thrilled and challenged, satisfied and rattled in all new ways, and I welcome it (I can't wait for the actual "move" to be over, but I welcome it nonetheless).  So, I am ready to stretch muscles that have lain dormant, and push my comfort zone way back, and see what this new life has to offer for us.  And when I need a good dose of old friends (and the Willy St. Co-op), I can drive in for the day and it will all still be here changing and evolving in its own way as I will be in mine...    


  1. We moved to the country 8 years ago. I knew it would be different but I couldn't have even dreamed what my life is like now. I grew up in St. Louis.....farming, not so much. Now I can't imagine any other life. Get ready, here it comes!! So exciting!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures Nikole, and that's a lovely story. I know you guys will do well in the country :)

  3. Two-and-a-half weeks!! Very exciting! :) I love life change. Shake things up, make it easier for ourselves to be who we want to be without all the normal stuff around us baggage. Yay!

  4. Looked like a fun day, and some awesome pictures baby girl!

  5. You sound like my kind of woman:) I dream of moving to the country, or sometimes selling our house in the city and traveling/living off the land. Then my 5 year old says "I never want to move from this house":) I feel like I need more room to stretch out, more open space, more privacy if you will to just be.

    Wish you all the best in your move and your new adventure!


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