Monday, January 28, 2013


We haven't left the house and yard for almost two weeks (except for one grocery trip).  The flu.  It took us down one after another, timed so that just as it seemed we were almost healthy, someone else came down with it.  

I was in the first round, so my job, after my eyeballs stopped hurting, was to help everyone else through it.  I kept them supplied with snacks and fluids and healthy food, blankets and cozy peaceful spots for the down-est ones, quiet activities for the recuperating ones, energy outlets for the well-ish ones.

 The chalkboard was a popular activity...
And the livingroom swing and the mini trampoline.
 I enjoyed knitting by the woodstove.
 We listened to records,
 played on the computer together,
 made lime green jello play dough, and chapatis from ground spelt berries (using the simple recipe over at Mindfully Green).  Everyone took a turn at the rolling pin.
 I got so restless that I organized everyone's clothes, made a large pile of things to donate, and scrubbed the bathroom tile grout with baking soda and a toothbrush.  If you've been reading here for awhile or know me in real life, you know that is completely out of character.  I tend to be a bit, um, laid-back about house work.

Apparently, doing chores with a joyful attitude has more positive aspects than just my own peace of mind.  I was so excited about the grout scrubbing effect that multiple children wanted to try their hands at spritzing the floor with water, sprinkling baking soda, smoothing it into a paste on the grout, letting it dry, and scrubbing it clean with a toothbrush.  I may have been able to get it a tad whiter, but I'm not about to turn down enthusiastic helpers.

There is something very soothing and grounding about being in hibernation mode (even if it's not entirely voluntary).  My biggest outing, most days, was a trip to the chicken coop and the woodpile, but I used that time to stop and gaze at the moon, or the sparkle of sunlight on snowy fields, or marvel at the shape of my frosty breath in the air.  I tried to focus on bringing in healing energy.

But reasonably content or not, other human company starts to sound good after awhile.  At the point where a princess and dragon are having a fancy ball in the living room, I think we may soon be ready to leave our cozy nest.  

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