Wednesday, February 5, 2014 far

Bundling up and heading OUT even on the not-so-nice days helps me stay sane embrace February.  Seeing my children creatively and actively engaged in joyful pursuits helps, too!

baby elephant-wearin' dragon princess

Camille and her Papa played and sang at a variety show/fundraiser.  The proceeds went to both local and international charities.  They played 500 Miles, Amazing Grace (bluegrass-folk style), and Will the Circle be Unbroken.  They had so much fun, supported a good cause, and got a standing ovation.

Ayla danced with her good friend at a hippie-themed dance.

The girls had a blast and got tons of energy out!


wintry details

Sylvia made 'B bunnies' after we read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

sister snuggles

*photo by Camille

What else?  We finished up reading Little House in the Big Woods and started Little House on the Prairie (mostly cozied up by the woodstove), built forts and obstacle courses and elaborate cities out of blocks in the living room, visited friends in the city, watched the Bill Nye/Ken Hams debate which sparked a lot of interesting conversation, made smoothies, sprouted date seeds to see if we can grow a date tree indoors, split carnation stems lengthwise and put each end in a different color of dye mixed with water to see what would happen (sparked from the Bill Nye episode about Flowers), played drums, harmonicas, guitars, saxophone (depending on the person), played card games, more knitting, made homemade spelt crackers and curried chickpeas, watched plenty of Wild Kratts and Peep and the Big Wide World, played with electrical connections using snap circuits, talked about the periodic table and delved into some of the elements more deeply, and ended most nights snuggled up in bed (me and all three girls) with a PBS Nature documentary.

Here's to embracing February,
and snowshoeing,
and cozying up with little ones while they're still little!


  1. Wonderful. All of it!
    Photo #4 (oh the sweetness!!!) and second-to-last are my very favorites. Though I love them all.
    :) So happy.

  2. Camille you sounded amazing!

    Looks like February is a fun filled adventure so far. All our adventures have been inside hibernating as it is so bitterly cold here lately. I'd love to try snowshoeing if it would get warm enough to not freeze our nose hairs! Looks like fun. Not to mention how fun the hippie dance party looks. Or how wonderful the elephant wearing princess dinosaur, B bunnies and sister snuggles look too! I want to come play at your house.

  3. Stephanie, those are my favorites, too :). I remember a precious picture of your Maddie dressed up in dragon. Something about the fierce sweetness of these dragon girls is particularly touching....

    Brooke, I want you and your sweeties to come play at our house, too! Xx


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