Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend

Sylvia and I made organic 'peep'-style marshmallows. We basically adapted this recipe. We didn't have chick or bunny shaped molds, so we used our heart and star shaped molds.  We used organic cane sugar and gelatin and tinted the sugar coating with frozen blueberries, finely grated carrots, cranberry juice, and spirulina.  
They turned out so very sweet and so very good.

Sylvia and Camille helped with bike tune-ups. Then we took advantage of a sunny day to head out on the rails-to-trails bike path near our home for our first family bike ride of the year.
We stopped to listen to the spring peepers calling from the wetlands,
and we enjoyed ice cream cones at the park for our destination before heading back.

Then we got ready for my parents visit over Easter weekend.
We strolled the bike trails with them,
down through the tunnel,

and got a drink at the well pump along the trail.
Camille worked hard to get it flowing.

We enjoyed tons of yummy food (from homemade pizza and fish tacos to dreamsicle salad and apple pecan cake) and an Easter service at the historic country church near us.

The girls had a blast playing games with Gigi on her tablet.

They searched for Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, organic jelly beans and lollies, and these little crocheted bunnies. As well as eggs hidden all over the house with a quarter (or two) in each one
We had a great visit and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and now the girls are coming down from all of the excitement and sugar....


  1. Love, love the bunnies! :)

  2. Love the family picture! I stayed with the babe after dinner, but the kids took a hike with their Thome. :)


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