Sunday, April 13, 2014

the arrival of spring weather

It's been another few weeks since I posted, so I have loads more pictures of our little everyday joys, explorations, and learning journeys to share here.  In the meantime, winter and spring danced back and forth until spring decidedly took the lead. We welcomed her with open arms!
The grand thaw caused rivers and creeks to swell. Every time we had reason to go out and about (for groceries, library materials, etc), we found somewhere new to stop and play or marvel and poke about and take deep gulps of the moist spring air,
 like this covered bridge along the bicycle path,
and this climbing structure at the park.

Camille wanted to make homemade tortillas and has been gracing us with her many kitchen exploits lately. Yum. These ones were later topped with beans, cheese, and veggies and then baked in the oven.

The thaw hasn't quite hit everywhere yet, like this stretch of bike path leading into a tunnel under the railroad tracks.

egg collecting

edible (but yucky) 'fizzing brain' experiment
(from a candy science kit that Camille bought on discount after Halloween)

plating pea seeds outdoors and many more starts indoors

We've seen wind and sun, snow and hail, fog and lightning, and warm 70 (F) degree days all in the last three weeks.

Sylvia started back up with her ballet class.

We dressed up and joined some wonderful unschooling friends for a spring fling dance, and Camille got roses from her sweetheart.  Awww. They spent half of the dance playing chess together :)

There was plenty of time for running around in the sunshine and more dancing into the evening.

Our little ducklings are getting big and venturing out in the garden during the daytime.

We went to a lovely potluck and family folk dance with our homechool co-op, 

and then joined some of them the very next day for a great discussion, lunch, and book club about the book, Son, by Lois Lowry.

Camille has had a couple of penpals over the years. One of her current penpals has a younger sibling who also wanted a penpal and Sylvia was excited to write her very own first letter.

After five days in a row of fun, busy, out-and-about, we were happy to have some days to be home!
Ayla's idea of 'princess dress-up' includes this fierce bear-pirate-princess.  I love that.

"I can do it all by my own!"

happy duckies

I don't require that my children do chores, and (maybe because of that fact) they are usually eager to help out.
*photo by Sylvia
"Mama, can I help turn the compost?"
Of course!
muddy, sandy play

clipping and hauling weeds from around our lavender, roses, and currants



practicing for a spring band concert

hidden pictures

gluten-free breaded tilapia tacos on homemade corn tortillas with avocado and quinoa salad
courtesy of Camille

What else? Master Chef Junior (on Hulu), Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated (on Netflix), Dung Beetle Derby (on National Geographic Kids), Duck Life 4 (on Coolmath Games), face painting and zumba pajama party with Girl Scouts, hand clapping games like Miss Mary Mack, Say, Say Oh Playmate, and Down by the Banks, sewing and crocheting in preparation for a 4th birthday, digging a duck pond, reading about ducks, Macbeth, Sojourner Truth, Lois Lowry biography, World War II, poetry, animals of the world, and engineering projects,  also a bit of the stomach flu, and learning to handle disappointment graciously. 

Oh, and dying our hens' eggs with thrifted silk ties.

It's a full, thriving, messy, sparkly, earthy, up-and-down, kind of unschooling life,

and I'm so grateful for it.


  1. SO FULL!!!! there seems to be so much going on in your area for homeyunschooly types like yourselves! spring fling? my girls would be all over that. i love the silk tie-dying, the homemade tortillas, the spring springing everywhere...and we're about to start Son - Lois Lowry is a favorite here. Good Stuff!!

  2. i have never seen that done with eggs! we will try if i can find some silk ties at goodwill...i was thinking you suck at blogging lately but it's much better to just live life :) with a few updates of course.

  3. Thanks, slim p. We hadn't been very active with the home/unschool groups over the winter since it's a pretty long drive for us for most activities, but we're coming out of our hibernation now, and it feels good! I hope the springing in your neck of the woods is treating you all well!

    Megan, he he, I have totally sucked about blogging lately, but for all the right reasons :) xoxo


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