Wednesday, May 14, 2014

photography and a birding walk

On Saturday morning, Camille and I took a free photography class and birding walk at a local wildlife refuge. We saw warblers, orioles, woodpeckers, finches, a sora rail, and much more.

One of the more exciting moments was when two male rose-breasted grosbeaks were flitting around dramatically chasing a female. We were so busy watching that we didn't get many pictures.

Besides a good variety of birds, we spotted turtles, dragonflies, a garter snake, and a porcupine waaaay high up in a tree. I didn't even know that porcupines could climb trees.
That dark spot high up in the tree is the porcupine eating new growth.

Camille got a much closer picture on her camera.  I really need a telephoto lens!

The photography class mostly focused on macro photography, so we tried out a few shots.


Camille has taken over my old camera and I really enjoy seeing what she captures.  On our way back home from the wildlife refuge we spotted some abandoned train cars and pulled over for another photo shoot.

Camille's photos:

 my photos:

I adore having one-on-one time with each of my girls, even if we don't always get big blocks of time together. I will often just take one along on errands or make the most out of waiting while another one is at a class or rehearsal by going to a park or getting a special snack together. It really changes the dynamics and gives us a chance to connect more deeply.

Here's a couple more pictures off of Camille's camera:
at the giant pear tree across the street from our house
I get all giddy around little babes these days and remember a little wistfully when mine were younger, but, ah, as they are growing up, the joys mellow and deepen and expand in ways that I can only be utterly grateful for.

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