Monday, May 5, 2014

three days

Here's three days in our sometimes simple, sometimes busy, always full of learning, in all of its various guises, life.

On Saturday and Sunday, Camille had a two-night sleepover at her friends house, complete with makeovers, baby goats, and a Morp (prom, backwards) dance at the library. 
  happy, but sleepy, girl

 Meanwhile, Sylvia went from her ballet class to a Girl Scout meeting at the park.  They planted flowers, made scented bath salts, and cleaned up debris and garbage at the park.
 We popped in at the library to bring Camille her shoes and it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun at Morp.

 Sunday afternoon was full of sunshine. Perfect for playing music in the yard and checking on the progress of the greening plants.



Monday, a day at home, lived simply and wonderfully, was just what we all needed! We had smoothies for breakfast and Camille and I did a cardio workout on Hulu.
 Sylvia: "Hey Ayla, if we help Mama hang laundry, she'll pick nettles for tea with us sooner!"
Ayla (totally excitedly): "Yeah!!!"
 Me: (big happy-mama grin)
  and wild mint, too

 garden gloves for the nettles

 While the backyard sun tea was steeping, Camille made gluten-free bacon-y biscuits, Sylvia sliced pears, apples, and mangoes, and Ayla put almonds in a fancy bowl.
 wild mint, nettles, lemon, and a hint of maple syrup

 So, we had a tea party picnic, and then practiced ballet leaps in the yard, and watched the ducks and chickens do their thing.
We made origami dragons and baskets, tried out Mathblaster, hung out more laundry, planted the last of the indoor seed starts, made rice and veggie soup and coconut custard. After Papa got home from work, there was more music playing, while the littler girls rode bikes and rollerskated 'til the sunlight faded completely from the sky.

Setting aside some moodiness here and there, it was just about a perfect day by my standards. It is often the little things in our lives that make me happy. Which is good, I guess, because most of it is made up of the little things.


  1. YES!!! all of it. the busy and the not. So full.

  2. What wonderful learning fun! Somedays that are quiet I often sit and wonder...what did we learn today but when I stop to actually think about it...everyday is so full!

    We have never tried sun tea...sounds like we may have to try that soon. I love the pic of Ayla with the colander and the chickens...simply beautiful! I hope Camille enjoyed her Morp :)

  3. WOW 3 days instead of 2 weeks! Way to blog :) Looks like some good weather.


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