Thursday, January 29, 2015

moments from our days ~ and a gummi bear wave machine


  pattern blocks
 getting out for a bit

 more painting

 this time with our Girl Scout troop

 crafting at the library
waiting for Paddington to start
windowsill blooms
skewering gummi bears for science
the set-up
We ended up with over 13 feet of duct tape and 96 skewers evenly spaced down the length of it, and then we put our gummi bear wave machine into motion. (We got the idea from the good folks over at Plot 55. Video instructions here.)
 We had fun trying different ways to vary the wave length and speed.

 Even though it ran through the middle of our main room, we left it up all day and kept coming back to it.

Here's a quick video we made and a Bill Nye episode about waves if you're interested.

Another fine few days in this unschooling life!

* You may have noticed that Camille is wearing headphones in most of these pictures. Camille is extremely sensitive to some types of sensory input, and she has found that wearing noise-reducing headphones helps her not get overwhelmed in many situations, including being around her exuberantly loud sisters. She even decorated them with paint and paint markers. I love it when we find a coping strategy that makes such a huge difference. 

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