Thursday, January 29, 2015

simple scavenger hunt for musica mitts

Recently, Camille was wishing that she had an older sister to do things like set up scavenger hunts just for her. So, Sylvia and I conspired to make Camille her own scavenger hunt. We started with a Harry Potter theme and ended with a newly finished knit gift.

Her first clue was: Harry Potter's home at the Dursley's. She headed straight for the little room used for storage under the stairs. There she found a scrap of paper with this clue: where one might keep medicinal potions. Camille checked the basket with essential oils and the cupboard with herbs and vitamins and then found her next clue in the medicine cabinet in the second bathroom: where Hagrid's pet, Fang might sleep. Camille headed straight for Carly's dog bed and found just this: Nimbus 2000. Surprisingly difficult to find, tucked into one of our broom handles was the final clue: how one might keep Fluffy happy. This one was a little trickier and involved research as Camille couldn't remember. Hmmm. The three-headed dog is only soothed by music. Straight to the basket filled with instruments to find her new 'musica' fingerless mitts all ready for playing saxophone.


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  1. They a wonderful! What fun to have her hunt for them :)


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