Monday, April 13, 2015

bits and bobs

Sometimes we get in a flow where we dive in deep to certain crafts, fascinations, book series or activities to the exclusion of others. 

And sometimes we seem to float from play to deep topic to daydream to active learning to exploration and experimentation almost aimlessly. 

Whether the act of learning seems focused and sequential or coming in fits and starts, connections are being made, interests explored, topics discussed, and problems solved. 

Here's another epically long post with random musings and various photos of our April days so far, from Easter finery portraits to mundane moments and everything in between.

duckling love

Ayla recently rediscovered something that I had made for Sylvia years ago. It's a portable felt board made from a pizza box. I think she likes it.

old-school playground explorations

They don't make playground equipment like this anymore, but my kids tend to prefer it over the shiny, "safe", plastic versions that you see at more modern parks.

prepping duck eggs for a crystal-growing experiment

We figured out how to play YouTube videos on the little TV in my room. The girls were loving jumping around to Dark Lord Funk, a Harry Potter parody of Uptown Funk.

more duckie love

fairy painting

Spanish on duolingo

telling elaborate stories to her dollies and their horses

a "fancy bunny" grooming her horse's hooves (aka buffing her sister's nails)

all ready to go to the roller rink with friends and lunch out with Papa

egg geode success!

watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The girls pooled their own money to buy things to fill baskets for me and Papa to search for on Easter morning. They took a cart around the grocery store together and kept everything hidden with notices on doors and paper bags tied shut in the fridge to keep us out. It was so thoughtful!

egg hunt
On Easter morning, they searched out baskets with a variety of decent candy, dried fruit, sidewalk chalk, and water balloon slingshots, as well as eggs filled with more treats hidden all over the yard.

each in their own style

Sylvia loves both cooking and audio books

Sylvia does not read fluently yet, but she casually (and correctly) drops words like "proportionately" and "omnivorous" into conversation. She'll randomly throw out math facts like, "I think one fifth of a hundred is 20," without prompting. To each in their own time and their own way.
Last year at this time, Sylvia had just had the training wheels taken off of her bike and she would ride in the bike trailer with Ayla if the ride was longer than a mile or two. This year, she is on Camille's old bike like a pro, and Camille has taken over pulling Ayla in the bike trailer on my bike. I rode one of Papa's bikes with the seat lowered all the way. We rode about 10 miles on a beautiful rails-to-trails path near our home on Easter evening.
The egg geodes led to more crystal-growing experiments, this time on pipe cleaners. One with borax, one with table salt, and one with a mix of the two just to see what would happen.
Ayla thought that the book Jumbled Jungle was one of the funniest ever. I guess you can't go wrong with a mixed-up pop-up book.
making slow cooker enchilada casserole
I get a lot of help with food prep. It seems one child or the other always wants to have a hand in it.

and sometimes one just needs to rest

From one child wanting to practice handwriting in a manuscript tablet to another wondering why do we have uppercase and lower case letters, anyway?, from learning about how to make braided rag rugs to learning how to navigate middle-school girl friendship politics, from climbing high enough to feel exhilarated to learning how to climb back down safely, from planting seeds to caring for ducklings to cooking mashed potatoes, there is room to learn, to explore, to rest, and to find joy in the seemingly random and mundane. And there's plenty of time to snuggle. 


  1. I Love it! What fun :-) I love how they all have their own sense of style, but I'm really loving the youngest in her bonnet! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome pictures!!!

  2. Thanks, Erin. There is something irresistible about a little one in a bonnet! :)

  3. Ok, I don't even know where to start...too much adorable and fun going on in this one post!
    The baby chicks are so cute and the felt pizza box kit is such a great idea.
    Loved your girls in their easter outfits....I was gushing over your daughter in her bonnet.

    1. Aww thanks, Darcel. Your comment made me smile!

  4. sylvia cooking and listening to an audio book makes me laugh for some reason...

    1. Right? With the hat. It's so random, but it makes me giggle, too.

  5. I bet egg hunts are SO much fun at your place. :) Yum, key lime cheesecake, lucky you. Your egg geodes turned out way better than ours. Maybe we should give it another go.


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