Saturday, May 2, 2015

just because (part II)

Continued from the last post...because I like to use my camera and my posts get lengthy....

because we wanted to check out the River Walk even though it was chilly

 because even if you don't see them often, good friends are important

because the Lonely Planet's Beautiful World book is...beautiful
and it's fun to imagine where in the world you'd like to visit with a friend

because an I Spy book is hard to put down

because homeschool book club was kindly hosted at a gorgeous organic farm

(Anyone local want free-range duck eggs? They're delicious.)

 because having a 5 year-old unicorn-pegasus wash your walls is awesome

 because it's fun to play Legos and work puzzles with Grandma

 because Grandma had never hiked to the top of Mill Bluff before

because it's fun to draw in the sand with a stick

 because sometimes they squabble and sometimes they're so sweet it makes my eyes sting

because the giant pear tree across the street is in full bloom

 because some days call for a picnic and a prickly pear soda

because when the question is, "Can I take off my shoes and climb on the rocks?"
I tend to say, "yes"

 because playing catch and climbing trees and practicing somersaults in the grass 
are worthwhile things to do

because almost-twelve is definitely not too old to play at the park

because if you bring a bat and ball to the park, other kids will probably join in

because sometimes when it's April in Wisconsin and you dip toes in the chilly water...
it can turn into wading...

or if you're a little crazy, full blown swimming in your clothes
(that splash would be Camille, luckily we had extra clothes in the van)

because sometimes you need to protect your duckies from an aggressive goose

because backyard sun-tea from wild mint, violets, and nettles is refreshing


because watching seedlings sprout and growing food is a life skill and legitimate science

 just because...digging in the sand and dandelions

 because my braided rag rug keeps getting bigger

 because Carly was posing so nicely for me

 because the honeycrisp apple tree is in bloom

because Sylvia invited me to a tea party with wild edibles

I choose to notice and to celebrate and to share the random images of our days here, because on top of all of this, my house is messy, we watch quite a bit of  TV, we eat frozen pizza, we argue and make up, and feel sad and powerless, and hopeful and arrogant, and all of the usual human drama, but here I like to share our highlights, because it helps me continue to see the good and the beautiful. Because sometimes life on one income for a family of five is a challenge. Because homeschooling/unschooling sensitive, inquisitive, growing children is hard work. Because choosing to parent mindfully and with respect takes a lot of effort and can be misunderstood because it's outside of the cultural norm. Because I hope that my humble efforts at a life well-lived will ripple out to those that we interact with and smile at and because I like to take a lot of pictures anyway, so I might as well.

*all of the photos from the last two post were taken during the last half of April


  1. I'm with ya on taking pictures. I took 100 + photos in a matter of hours one day!
    Capturing these moments is important, like you said, it helps to look back and see all the beauty. Love the wooden park they were playing at. I wish more of those were around.

  2. I whittled these last two posts down from about 600 photos taken over 2 1/2 weeks. Darcel, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who can take 100+ photos in one day! :)


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