Sunday, April 3, 2011


We spend our Sundays out in the country, and come the end of May, this is where we'll be spending all of our days.  This is where we'll grow our garden, and pick fresh apples, and build a chicken coop, and explore, and breathe, and sing and dance, and create and love.

Each week our family and the Raye family (who live there now) get together and prepare to transition our living situations.  Before they fly off for island-living, and before we move out of Madison, our families are working together on the house.  Truth be told, the menfolk are working on the house, the womenfolk are caring for the littlest ones, chatting and cooking for everyone, and the children are playing and exploring.  Once we move in and this becomes our home, I won't hesitate to pick up a hammer, learn how to install electrical and plumbing, etc., but for now this arrangement seems to be working out quite well for everyone.

The Papas finished putting up the ceiling beams on the second floor today, and I'm really impressed with how much they have accomplished so far.

And Reeve helped Camille learn to ride on two wheels today!!!!

(There are more pictures of the house from the outside here)


  1. Great pictures Nikole! It really seemed like a landmark day yesterday in many ways...can't wait until next Sunday :)

  2. What a fantastic situation you have found for that house. I love that you are building and building to a new life! :)


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