Thursday, September 6, 2012


 Garden abundance is delightful, but a bit overwhelming, this time of year.  I've been putting by some of my favorite sauces.  Tomatoes and other veggies, roasted in the oven and blended in the food processor, make up my favorite sauce for pasta or for serving with lentils and rice.
 Camille loves pesto, so she is easily recruited to help me pick basil leaves off of the stems.  My basil patch is huge and plentiful and going to flower which makes the bees quite happy.

 balloon play
 inventive rocket design

 Sylvia wanted to make salsa, so she harvested and chopped and made a delicious raw salsa all by herself.
 Well, she had a little help peeling garlic, stirring, and (of course) eating from Ayla.

 scratch art and 3D Human Body book and CD-ROM

I love our little hometown local library.  They are happy to waive the limit on the amount of materials checked out because, "well, they're homeschoolers", and goodness knows they see us in there often enough.  We went home today with armloads of books, audio books, DVDs, and CD-ROM games, including a 3D Human Body game and a Diet Analysis + computer program, both inspired by Camille watching old seasons of The Biggest Loser on Netflix.  Camille has become super interested in nutrition, exercise, anatomy, and physiology lately.

We're busy in lots of little ways these last two days.  Camille auditioned for another play at the local community theater and got a part!  She talked her Papa into auditioning, too, and he also got a part!  He is Papa in Papa's Angels and Camille is Ada, a school girl. So, they've been off at rehearsal in the evenings and what a great bonding experience for them.  They were also invited to play music together during intermission at the dinner theater, and singing on stage is Camille's passion even more than acting!

Sylvia and Ayla are both always on the go, climbing, riding, playing, jumping, exclaiming, spinning, dancing, digging, and gathering.  So, life is busy here.  Full.  Whether we're out adventuring or 'just' hanging about, it never feels dull.  Which is excellent all around, except that it's also a bit exhausting lately.  I suppose I'd rather be well-rounded and engaged than well-rested and bored.


  1. Well-rounded indeed! Love that the library lets you get out as much as you want ;-)

  2. Mmmmmm, that fresh salsa looks yummy!


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