Friday, September 14, 2012

learning all the time

Here's approximately a million pictures from our week.
  We met friends at Olbrich Botanical Gardens when we drove into the city to buy a used car.

 We tried burying the hose in our 'sandbox' to see if we could keep the water from erupting when the hose was on.  We couldn't.  We learned a bit about our state and realized that we already knew a lot. There was also play rehearsal, games, laundry, etc.

 We had a lovely park play date with friends and then went to Aldo Leopold Nature Center when we drove into the city for a doctor appointment.


 There was rollerskating and rolling around like kittens, youtube (our new favorite is Vsauce), play rehearsal for Camille and Papa, and garden harvesting and egg collecting for Sylvia and Ayla.

Today (so far)
 There's been painting, outdoor play, and right now three girls have big plans for lunch.  Carrot, basil, kale omelets, sliced tomatoes with Himalayan sea salt, and watermelon for dessert.  They collected, harvested and prepared everything from our land except the Himalayan sea salt, olive oil, and a bit of milk in the omelet.  Seriously proud of themselves, they are.
The day's just gettin' swingin', I wonder what next?

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  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE those dungarees!!! You all look like you're having so much fun xx


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