Monday, August 19, 2013

colors, and numbers, and bones, oh my!

What have we been up to?  Let's see . . . .
dissecting owl pellets

vole skull

Camille wasn't about to actually touch the owl poo, but she poked around just long enough to find two mouse skulls and a couple of mandibles.
Ayla enjoyed finding bones, too, but Sylvia was the one most engaged by this.  She extracted every last bone out of both pellets including tiny vertebrae.  She learned to tell the femurs from the scapulas from the humerus bones.  She looked at skull structure and size and tooth placement to determine that the skulls were in fact one vole and three mice.
We soaked some of the bones in a bleach solution to whiten and disinfect them.

We've also been appreciating the colors around us.
calendula on a dehydrator tray

nothing quite like a brand new box of crayons

colors from the garden

We celebrated Papa's birthday.  The girls single-handedly cleaned the living room and baked gluten-free chocolate muffins while Papa and I took a nap. We also went to our favorite vegetarian restaurant, The Cheese Factory.
gluten-free pizza!

The place mats were transformed into sweet birthday cards for Papa.

And, we decided that the crayons weren't only for the kiddos.  Place mat art for everyone!

Camille and I have been playing around with algebra for the last few days, especially graphing.  I'm an unashamed math geek and it was really fun to see her so excited by it.  She kept wanting to do more!

She was even making algebra jokes.
me:  Do you understand my point?
Camille: Do you mean this point and this point and this point. (tapping pencil to points on the graph of course :)

graphing inequalities

What else?  Oh, swimming and gardening and the like.  Camille has been learning Spanish from Duolingo, an awesome free site for learning a variety of languages.  She is also growing lettuce hydroponically from a kit that she ordered from Home Science Tools. Since we were already ordering, we also picked up the owl pellets and some glycerin for making giant bubbles.  Sylvia is excited to be taking a ballet class starting next month.  She also loves to play online games like the Wild Kratts on PBS, when she's not climbing trees and running around outside.  Ayla is starting to show interest in tracing letters and loves to be a big helper with whatever her big sisters are doing (which is sweet, but not always well received).  In the meantime, lots of imaginary (and sometimes rowdy) play all around.

Life is fine and good around here.


  1. Looks like fun times. Interesting dissecting the owl pellets - our kids would love the kind of ickyness of that! Your graph's look awesome - my Zack would love to come round your place and get into that (definitely not my forte!) Thanks for the interesting links as always. PS - how cool are your girls, letting you and your man have a birthday lie in - while cleaning the house and baking cakes - amazing! xx

  2. Thanks for the maths links on Facebook, Nikole! And I've just enrolled in Duolingo, and my girl will join me when she wakes up tomorrow—she has been wanting to find a Spanish language course for ages!

    What amazing and fulfilling days you've been having over there—thanks as always for sharing them so beautifully here :)

  3. Thanks, Lou. I'm glad you're enjoying the links.

    Helena, check out this TED talk if you get a chance. It's how I found out about Duolingo. Inspiring!


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