Sunday, August 11, 2013

simple and satisfying

Let's see.  Energy balls are the perfect protein-packed sweet snack, and they're fun to roll together for play dough lovers.  Our latest batch was dates, mixed dried fruit, pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds, peanut butter, and a slice of apple whizzed together in the food processor until crumbly, yet moist.  I added raw cacao nibs to half of the batch.  Ayla and Sylvia then squeezed and rolled them into balls all set for the refrigerator.  Simple and yummy.  
*If you're looking for a recipe for energy balls, Rachel over at Clean has one with lots of options for variations. I usually just wing it.

pickin' cukes

sunflower love

watermelon baby

leafy lettuce

Sylvia is most often my prep chef.  Girl loves to slice.  She will make salad out of most of the fruits and veggies in the fridge at any given time if left to her own devices.  Which means that if a kind friend shares extra garden produce with us and I want to make a giant stirfry, she is indispensable.

One thing that I absolutely love about our unschooling lifestyle is that children can feel very free to explore, not only their unique interests, but also expressive appearances, without fear of teasing or retribution of any kind. If Camille wants to shift from looking like Laura Ingalls Wilder, more often than not, to a funky expression of her own, she need only ask, and direct the scissors in my hand!  For the record, a beard trimmer works just fine to buzz short hair.

Art can be created en plein air.

The living room can be converted to several play forts for neighboring sisters.
"I don't want to share right now."

solar blimp can be as simple as lightweight black plastic filled with air and heated by the sun to give rise to an enthusiastic response.

A raspberry patch can be expanded with help from a young gardener, and nearly 20 pounds of blueberries can be picked by one family on a gorgeous Saturday morning at a local farm, (and that's not even counting all the ones that filled our bellies.)

Music can be played, and hoops hooped.  Owls can be hooted back at, and coyote calls returned with a howl.  Fireflies can be chased and darkening skies watched until stars pop magically into view.  And when a three-year-old says, "I don't want to mate with that owl," everyone can just laugh.  Simple, as that.

By slowly releasing the need to control our children, we can help them learn and grow and thrive and respect differences and negotiate difficulties and have fun while doing so.  It takes a lot of attention and presence.  It takes creativity and a sense of humor and a willingness to apologize when we don't measure up to our own ideals, but ye gads, it can make for a satisfying, sparkly life.


  1. Thanks for the recipe for energy balls, can't wait to get "rolling". Your pictures show how much fun you all have together. Nice.


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