Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a week of ordinary doings

"Ooooh, Carly was sooo cute when she was a puppy!"  

"There you are, planting the very first raspberry plants.  Now we have a raspberry patch!"  

"You were so cute!"  

Giggles and exclamations coming from Camille's room.  I peeked in.  Watchya doin'?  They were browsing through my older blog posts and reminiscing.  Makes a bloggin' mama's heart happy!

I seem to have a hard time jumping back into writing here if it's been a week or more since I posted, so I'll just use that to kickstart a post. Shall I?

Here's a week of ordinary doings:
 We tried to make herbal bath bombs, but added in tablespoons of water instead of teaspoons, so it turned into a foaming sensory experiment instead.  That works.

 We successfully made homemade face masks, with the obligatory cucumbers on the eyes :)

 I strolled through the garden after the rain stopped and breathed in its freshness.

 We juiced many, many apples.

 A trip into the city to run errands isn't complete without some playtime with friends.  We met some favorites for a blurry, bouncy indoor romp.

  We did some window browsing downtown and realized that we felt like tourists, even though this city had been our home for many, many more years than the countryside has.

We watched some political chalk-art being created in the street, and chatted with the artist.

 We met a good friend at Buraka for Ethiopian food.  Unfortunately, this very favorite of restaurants will be closing soon, hopefully temporarily.

I think it's wonderful to have such a good friend, that you can say to your daughter, "When you're older, and you think I totally suck, or you want someone to talk to about things that you don't want to talk to your parents about....call Laura.  She'll be there for you."

 We lit the first of many fires in the woodstove this season.

 We noticed the changing colors and landscapes of harvest time.

 We cozied up at the library, and did old-fashioned research, using encyclopedias instead of Wikipedia.

We went to a book club for a lively discussion about The Giver by Lois Lowry, homeschool style.  Parents and kids alike chiming in with insights and impressions to share about the book and our greater world.  On the way home, we drove through Wildcat Mountain State Park, and had to pull over to appreciate the view,
and to play ring-around-the-rosie roadside.

 Well, if you're driving through a state park and you see a sign for canoe launch, you may as well go investigate the water,

 and stay long enough to see a stunning sunset on the way home.

 There were the usual puzzles and board games.

  The girls learned, and gently practiced, the Heimlich maneuver at a Girl Scout meeting.  They made first aid kits and posters for their First Aid badges.

 We made maple-roasted cashews,
 with ginger and vanilla.  Sooooo good!

 We had a living room dance party (or two) in front of the woodstove.

That will do.  Time to go carve pumpkins, roast the seeds, and watch Scooby Doo with my girls.  Adios, and blessings to you, friends.


  1. (first time comment didn't go through! trying again...)
    Your October looks beautiful...just the right mix of busy and still.
    (Buraka! I remember when it was Marcus' stall on the library mall! I hope it doesn't close permanently. That town can't seem to hold onto good Ethiopian.)

  2. The first time I ever tried Ethiopian food was at Horn of Africa up on the square, back when that restaurant still existed. The woman who took our order, and cooked our food, also scooped up some of the aromatic stew with injera bread and fed me my first bite with her hand. It was crazy delicious.

    Buraka has to close down because the building is going to be torn down and rebuilt, but Marcus is looking for another location, and hopefully won't be down for long!


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