Monday, October 7, 2013

the great cupcake bake-off

Ayla started the great bake-off with play dough and acorn cupcakes.  They were beautifully presented.

Camille created vanilla blueberry cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and dried blueberries on top.
Sylvia created chocolate cinnamon cupcakes with buttercream frosting and pink sugar sprinkles and mini cinnamon-chips on top.

They were both so good in very different ways.  Camille's cakes were dense, moist, and buttery with a great balance between the blueberry and cinnamon flavors and rich cream cheese frosting.  Sylvia's cakes were a beautiful, fluffy texture and richly-flavored with a very sweet frosting kick.

All the cupcakes were gluten-free (except the play dough :) and entirely made by the girls.  Sylvia and Camille worked so well together bouncing ideas and compliments around and helping each other with measuring and recipe adjustments.

I love that they can initiate and create projects like this.  The only help that they needed was in getting powdered sugar from the store and pulling the cupcakes out of the oven.

I call the great bake-off a great success all around!


  1. Those look delicious - what a treat! Never seen mini cinnamon chips, but sure I would love that - one of my fave flavours. Your girls are too clever xx

  2. Those look delicious! What a lucky taste tester you were. :)

  3. Thanks. They were delicious! It was worth the kitchen mess that was left in its wake ;) They did try to clean up after themselves a bit. So well worth it

  4. They're beautiful!!
    I do love a day of delicious art.


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