Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a week in this unschooling life

Camille joined other homeschoolers for a class at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.  They practiced archery, hiked to a pond, found turtles and toads, and identified a variety of birds.

Sylvia's group collected and identified seeds, hiked to a bird blind and used binoculars to search for birds, and played games.

 Papa and Ayla and I hiked along the Wintergreen Bluff Trail and found a great view overlooking the Kickapoo River.
 We saw a water snake leave a pattern of ripples in its wake.
 We looked for colorful leaves and wildflowers, like these Bottle Gentian beauties.

 Sylvia continued to enjoy her class at the Wisconsin Ballet Academy.

 On the way home from ballet, we stopped to get a closer look at these beautiful Highland Cattle, just 'cause we could.  They seemed just as interested in us as we were in them.

 Camille recently discovered a love of juggling and decided to hand sew her own juggling balls.  She used denim and hemp fabric scraps from my abundant scrap stash and filled the balls with rice.

 in progress

 Sylvia and I had been talking about how we see colors and how certain colors mix to form other colors.  This led to several color wheels and lots of paint mixing experimentation.

 Sylvia on the tight rope wire at the Mazomanie Movement Arts Center

 We met friends at Pewit's Nest State Natural Area, again on Monday (third Monday in a row that we've been!).  It's such a beautiful place to immerse in nature for an afternoon.
 Bluffs, three small waterfalls, Skillet Creek to explore.  Yes.


Let's see...what else?  Apples picked and griddlers solved, books read and games played, puzzles worked and songs sung.  Challenges faced and sibling disputes settled, big thoughts discussed and questions googled, play dough squished and fingernails painted.  Sounds 'bout right for the week.

I am ever grateful for this life.


  1. I am ever grateful for your life, too! It's always lovely to see others happy!

    What a colorful, wonderful week. And that place! It looks so warm and inviting! Our rivers come from mountain tops, :), so they're not very swimmable. lol

    I was just thinking 'color wheels' a couple of days ago. I love them. So bright and pretty. And you reminded me that I want to get out to the nature center.

    All wonderful.
    Carry on!


  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Stephanie. I appreciate the inspiration and joy that you share on your blog and the synchronicity at times makes me smile big :)

  3. What a wonder filled week in your life.


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