Thursday, July 24, 2014

July's Joyful Moments (Part II)

More blog catch-up from earlier this month. Ordinary moments in a busy, joyful summer.
 Ayla and her good friend at the park
No need for playground equipment, they were quite happy with a colander and an ice cream bucket.

 Camille working on a Rola Bola Balance Board

  Sylvia picking sour cherries


  finishing up and testing out the balance board from week one of Maker Camp

 I had to try it out, too. It's harder than it looks!

 finishing up the outdoor run for the duckies
(with protection from hawks)

  In a particular moment of frustration, I went outside for a few breaths of fresh air to calm myself rather than get angry at the kiddos. Within moments of stepping outside a stunning rainbow lit up the sky over my gardens. Anger dissolved, gratitude and joy flooded in. Amazing!

 Camille and Sylvia helped create a float with their Girl Scout troop to ride in a local parade. They had so much fun and won first place in the youth organization category!
  The large letters on the side say GIRL SCOUTS ROCKS and the front says Camp Like A Girl!
waiting for the parade to start

Another week in this unschooling life chronicled and shared. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I have seen a couple of double rainbows at just the right time once or twice. Aren't they lovely! ~ I really need to check out that link for the Makercamp. I have it saved in my bookmarks, just haven't made it there yet.


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