Saturday, July 5, 2014

nature scavenger hunt (week one)

My girls so thoroughly enjoyed the photo scavenger hunt that I put together for them recently. When a friend posted a family nature scavenger hunt on facebook, I knew they'd be excited to give it a go. Here's a link to her lovely blog over at Imagination Station if you'd like to check it out for yourself. I think tomorrow is the last day to join if you are interested. Each day has a specific category, but can be taken any time during the week. Here's our entries so far:

 June 30, portrait at the beach at Mill Bluff State Park pond

July 1, sugar maple leaf ~ photo by Camille

July 2, beach at Mill Bluff State Park in Wisconsin (splash!)

July 3, gilled snail shell

July 4, sunset (nature's fire works, no filter, it really was that yellow, taken on June 30)

extra bonus #6: 'how being in nature makes us feel' ~ by Camille, Sylvia and Ayla

PEACEFUL ~ spelled out in cattails and cattail grass, dried pine needles and pine cones, sticks shells and ferns


  1. i joined the hunt! and we just got back from the beach house. going to have to look at my pics and see if we can get some points :)

  2. Hehe Glad you guys are having fun with the hunt :) I love your group photo and your bonus 6 picture... a great shot!


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