Monday, June 15, 2015

springtime ~ in full swing

I'm playing a bit of catch-up with a month's worth of photos. Here it goes, starting back in mid-May through the beginning of June:
bike path beauty

  up close with the ants

rustic bread made by Camille and Sylvia

embroidery and saxophone

 raking the tilled garden and digging compost

camping out on the edge of our property

saxophone performance for the interested yard birds

Memorial Day observance with the Girl Scout troop
and the marching band

snuggly mermaid sisters

rainy day fun

ropes course
upside down

 helping out a painted turtle
out of the parking lot, back to the pond

My kids have only recently become interested in Minecraft. Here they are foot to foot on the couch, building and sharing worlds while Ayla looks on. We have recently given Sylvia her own tablet and Camille has had one for about a year, in addition to our shared desktop computer. We don't limit their use of media and technology (other than for internet safety reasons), but with so many other interesting things to do, learn about, see, play on, cook, taste, experience, share, and create they seem to have a very healthy, natural balance with how they utilize it.

As spring grows full and lush and summer edges closer, I feel giddy for farmer's markets and friendships, swimming and digging and hiking, strawberries and rhubarb and kohlrabi, working hard, playing energetically, and daydreaming in equal measure. Feeling sun-kissed, rain-drenched, wind-blown, and barefoot on the earth. I welcome in the simple magic of it all. 


  1. i tried minecraft one time and couldn't figure it out. i must not have tried very hard...

  2. LUV the audience of yardbirds! lol
    Those girls look so strong, hurray for shovel-lifting muscles!


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