Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July ~ On the Fly (part III)

....Finishing up from parts I and II

Snapshots from July.

Somewhere in the big, full, bouncing month of July we celebrated a 12th birthday. I know it's cliche, but how on earth can Camille be twelve already? I have learnt so much from this daughter of mine. She came into this world with a big heart, a sensitive spirit, and a strong voice. 

May it always be so.

  She had two free tickets for an hour-long trail ride and wanted to invite one of her friends along on her birthday. Sounds perfect.
 ready to ride

 They had a sleepover and even made a pinata together.

 The homemade pinata was surprisingly reluctant to break. After everyone had taken tons of blindfolded swings at it, Camille decided to go full force. The candy was a tad hard to find on the forest floor.

twelve candles on a wee gluten-free cake

Ok, I could only find 11 so I snuck a little tea light in the middle. That works.

 lookin' out my back door

 from Mill Bluff Pond

 Look, Mama! I can pump!


July has been all about water in one form or another; from floating down the Kickapoo River to daily swim lessons for two weeks. 

 moon sisters
...and rounding out the month with a blue moon.

I'm feeling grateful, every day. Even the hard ones.
That works.


  1. The girls had daily swim lessons for 6 weeks this summer and can finally swim. whew. i had procrastinated for so long and it feels good to finally have that done. I know you guys love summer up north but down here it is really a drag. I do try hard to live in the moment and enjoy each season but we cannot go outside! at least not without whining and complaining and me nearly passing out. rivers and creeks are at least a 45 minute drive and i get sick of going to the pool. whah. whah. whah. i suck.

  2. oh and camille is beautiful! i love the pinata and cake and kids that can swing themselves (i hate pushing). debbie downer here trying to life your must be the no aka almost no alcohol during pregnancy thing.

    1. Ha, ha, ha. I totally get it. Our winters here can be trying, so we soak up summer. :) xoxo

    2. Oh no, Megan! Your blog is not public anymore. I've been such a slacker about visiting other blogs, but I really enjoy seeing what your family is up to, and I super, super want to see that new babe of yours when he/she comes around. If you see this, feel free to send me an email at verdes at gmail dot com

  3. Happy Birthday to both of you! Love the tea candle in the middle of the candles, brilliant!
    We love summer and have also soaked up every bit. This will be our first winter in Ohio, the kids are excited about all the snow, but I remember growing up with it, lol. This should be interesting. Fall is coming now and I'm just not ready. Wish we had a hotter summer than we did, but I suppose I shouldn't complain.

    1. Darcel, I'm with you. I enjoy summer's heat (at least as hot as it gets in Wisconsin) and am more challenged by winter. That first snowfall every year though, is pure excitement, and I am determined to appreciate the nuances of each season.

  4. my blog is private now and i was going to send you an invite but i need your email...

    1. Thanks. I was sad when I saw that it wasn't public. It's verdes at gmail dot com.

  5. I think my favorite is that pinata! It's beautiful.
    I'm coming to catch up. : ) xoxo


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