Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love truly

There's no shortage of heart-shaped crafting going on.  We will celebrate at home, simply, tomorrow.  But since the girls wanted to make each other sweet Valentine's, they also wanted boxes to put the Valentine's into.  
Camille's box

Ayla's Valentine's (in the snow)

Sylvia's Valentine's

Camille made her sisters Valentine's activities.  A homemade dot-to-dot for Sylvia and a puzzle with a sweetly drawn picture on it for Ayla.  The cross-stitch is for her sweetheart.

While we're celebrating love . . . I am in love with this life.

I am in love with my husband, who supports us and makes us laugh and grows tomatoes on our windowsill in February.  He can program a computer and split wood and build a wall and play a love song on the guitar, and he's been my best friend for more than half of my life at this point!

I am in love with the beautiful daughters who are happy to go on a snowy walk with me.
I am in love with the fact that they all wanted to bring their dollies and stuffed animals along in carriers.

I am in love with hand-holding and giggling.
I am in love with the person that I am becoming every day.

I am in love with the beautiful land all around us.

I am in love with the amazing people in my life, friends and family, who know the love is always there, at any physical distance.

I am in love with every expression and nuance of the amazing children in my life.
Ayla, every expression in 10 seconds

Sylvia, feeling serious

Camille, wishing I would get the camera out of her face :)

Some times are challenging, but in honesty and gratitude, we are living our chosen dream, and I am ever in love with that.

Wishing you abundant love in all of its many forms . . . .

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