Monday, February 4, 2013

play, color, and sparkle snow

Our weekend was spent out-and-abouting together as a family, as well as working on laying a floor in Papa's office. Camille ended Sunday with more symmetry artist, and some color science, otherwise known as colored water, a pipette, and a mixing tray :).
 Ayla decided that four of her animals are really her daughters, a sock monkey, a knit hippo, an elephant, and a care bear.  They were lovingly tucked in by her and Sylvia, and dutifully read to, to put them to sleep.

Monday, Monday

This morning, Ayla's daughters were treated to a picnic, and more stories.  The tenderness that she shows them makes me happy.

Camille and I ventured out into the sparkle snow.  It was dazzling and each snowflake crystal structure was clearly visible and distinct.

  Since Sylvia missed out on late night Sunday color science, she went for Monday morning color play.

All of us opted to go out into the dazzle this time.  It was perfect for tasting and tumbling and sledding and throwing.

Sylvia hauling wood and a little sister

We warmed up with some yummy bean soup and home fries (potatoes sliced and oven roasted with olive oil and sea salt).  We baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.  There were puzzles (Ayla and Mama), and computer play (Camille and Sylvia, mostly), wrestling on the bed (girls, Mama, and Papa, too), The Story of India and The Busy World of Richard Scarry on Netflix, and lots of sister giggles.

And I would call that another fine, fine Monday.

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