Friday, February 22, 2013

our week

 gymnastics/dance class at the Mazo Movement Arts Center

  Camille and her sweetheart playing Yu-Gi-Oh
Camille and her 'boyfriend' bought each other Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for Valentine's day.  She also made an embroidery for him and he hand-stitched her a heart pillow.  Oh my sweetness.

Sylvia opted out of a big birthday party this year, but we had the first of several smaller celebrations for her 6th birthday.  We went rollerskating with one of our favorite families.  Oh yeah!  Even Ayla and I tried our skates out on the rink.
 And 'cause we're so fancy, there were cupcakes from a cupcakery, including vegan and gluten-free options.

"Mama, I totally wanna be a carpenter when I grow up."

We're still making progress.

 fun with chalk dipped in water

  watercolor paints

  Camille and Sylvia were unimpressed with the new snowfall even though our plans were cancelled because of it.  Then I reminded them the spring is only 4 weeks away and they couldn't get out the door fast enough.
 overheard:  "I love living here!"

If that's not enough excitement for one week, we have visitors coming tomorrow if they can weather the roads.

Less than four weeks 'til it's officially springtime!!!


  1. Serious snow envy here! We had a balmy 30 degrees today : ( Love the pic of your girls in their winter woolly hats - they look like bright, sparky kids!
    Lou xx

  2. You have different seasons to us (well, other than being the opposite way around). Today (28 Feb) is our last day of summer. Autumn tomorrow - although we never get snow.

  3. Ingi, I had no idea. I assumed our spring equinox was your autumn equinox and that that was when the seasons changed. Not to mention that it's still Feb 27th for me :)


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