Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 days in this unschooling life

 at the bookstore

 "Mama, can you give me pigtails?"   "Mama, I want to buy this book."

 Camille and Sylvia snowshoeing at the nature center while a little elf naps and I knit and chat

 at the library with friends, admiring fish, constructing, working puzzles, putting on a puppet show, 

 pipe cleaner tree

 creating with cardboard (all three)

 playing with voice effects
To great merriment, they made me sound like a chipmunk on a bumpy road while I sang along with Gillian Welch to Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (link goes to a live version of Gillian Welch).

When I woke up this morning, Camille was already up, adding up numbers in the Fibonacci sequence :).

  more paints and glue and scissor-snipping

 Camille's new book


colorful water and a pipette (It never gets old.)

snap circuits

 because it's February

sleepy snuggles                            clean

 It's a love-filled, joyful kind of week,
 and it's all so beautiful to me that I just keep snapping pictures.

{simple pleasures and gratitude}

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