Friday, May 10, 2013

fresh off of my knitting needles (and other stuff)

 a play in which a li'l princess rescues a pirate maiden from a dragon

 After a cool rainy yesterday, which included living room performances and hand sewing among other goodness, we had another out and about day.  Does it seem like we just play at the park all the time?  Some days (weeks) are like that around here.  Today we went to the library and grocery shopping, but we stopped at three different parks along the way.  'Cause we like to.

Park #1

"Mama, try it!"

Park #2 

  Sylvia was wearing this hoodie dress, fresh off of my knitting needles, so naturally I took about a million pictures of her in it.

 There had recently been a controlled burn all around the Native American mounds that we like to visit.  There was greenness already returning to the area.

 This prompted a lot of up close observation of the soil and li'l spring plants around the park.
Park #3


  Camille's sporting a Mama-knit, too!

  "Look , I can run on the boulders!"
No one even fell in today.

  Awwwwww, sweet sisters!

 "Look, Mama, a robin!"
Oh, happy girls!  We did eventually make it to the library and the grocery store.  Just playing at the park can be so rich and full of learning.  We seem to never stop questioning and discussing and hypothesizing and figuring.  All while filling up on laughter and movement and fresh air!


  1. Some of the best learning is had when having fun! I love, love love that hoodie dress - would love one for myself (would take me way too long to knit that though!!) Love when you capture the smoochy sibling love - it makes my day when we get that around here xx

  2. Oooh, your knitting is beautiful and there is no such thing as 'just' playing in the park :-)

  3. Loving the hoodie dress and the fresh air and the crafting and the creativity and the plants. Just lovin' it!!!

  4. that hoodie is rad! I should sew one similar since is suck at knitting. I like parks without swings. I'm anti push.

  5. I love the hoodie dress!
    It's great that you have so many parks nearby, and that you make the time to go to them.

  6. Thanks, all! I think I'll be making a hoodie dress for each of my girls :).

  7. What a wonderful life your girls lead! Love the woolens abounding : )


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