Thursday, May 16, 2013

unschooling, salsa dancing, and frog spit

If you saw the photos from my last post (backyard tea), you might fairly assume that my children spent the last two days playing in the dirt, climbing trees, and hugging chickens.  It would have been perfectly fine with me if they had.  But, in the interest of keeping it real, I'd like to point out that those are just the things that I like to take of pictures of while they're happening.

Yesterday looked more like watching cartoons on Netflix, playing with Legos, playing on petpet park and Brain Pop on the computer, Just Dance and JumpStart Pet Rescue on the Wiii, reading books aloud (especially Silverwing and El Gato Sombrerado, aka The Cat in the Hat), playing Memory card games, and making a giant mess of toys in the living room, along with playing wiffleball and messing around in the yard.
Camille's eclectic library pile

Today looked similar in the morning, until late afternoon when we decided that we needed to run to the grocery store for cream and sugar (for making custard).  Our nearest small town grocery had some serious salsa music playing, and since we were the only ones in the aisles, you know we danced :).  And when we saw Frog Spit for sale, you know we bought some.  OK, it was really lime sherbet push-pops, but who doesn't want a frozen concoction named after amphibian saliva?

Then, of course, we had to stop and pick up our stack of new items on hold at the library, and since it was so hot out, "Mama, can we go to the beach?"  You know I said yes.  I grabbed some popcorn, backyard tea, iced coffee, and my latest knitting project, and we were off.

 I loved knitting on the shore, watching the girls splash around and talk about the water molecules on, in, and around them.
 Ok, I went under a picnic table for this shot.  I really wanted to get the kids in the background :)

 The girls made friends with some puppies that showed up, and the young adults that accompanied them.  They grilled a bunch of hot dogs and sweetly shared them with my girls.

  Right now, Ayla's building with Legos by my feet, and the other two are curled up in the living room, watching Monk with Papa.

So, let's see, science, socialization, puppies, exercise, and frog spit.  Seems about right for today.


  1. What a lovely day, and knitting by the beach or lake - one of my favourite things too!

  2. Totally loved Camille's reading pile! Inspiring stuff :-)


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