Sunday, July 28, 2013

3 days ~ mostly pics

Thursday ~
Even though Ayla was feeling a bit under the weather, we spent the afternoon with one of my bestest dear friends.  Do you have one of those friends where no matter how long it's been since you've seen each other, you can pick up and know each other thru and thru, as if you had just seen each other yesterday?  Yep, one of those friends!

Friday ~
It was my turn for feeling a bit under the weather.  I gathered and cooked yummy food and later spent the evening in bed watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix.  Seriously.

Saturday ~
We went blueberry picking in the late morning.

We admired the 'junk' on the property.  Beautiful.

We spent a few hours at the Kickapoo Country Fair at Organic Valley Cooperative's headquarters.  (Here's last year's visit to the fair, if you're so inclined.)

 Magic Mama

getting muddy, helping with a wattle and daub structure

 enjoying the sights

 up close with a calf, kid, and bunny

 crow and scarecrow

organic maple cotton candy!

dancing and friend-making in the music tent

 transforming into a butterfly

These last two weeks, while the older girls have been off visiting in Minnesota, have been a really special time for me to spend with Ayla.  I know Camille and Sylvia are having special family-bonding time too.  They call often and tell of all the fun and adventuring that they're getting to share with each set of grandparents.

BUT, after two! whole! weeks!, I can't wait to see their shining faces and love them up again in my own special mama way!!!  So sooooon.


  1. Yes I am also blessed with such a friend. :)

    My girls always seem to make friends wherever we go too! Twice we have had girls beg to come home with us,compliments in a strange kind of way.

    It is really weird when someone asks about socialization now because time and time again it is my "unsocialized" homeschooled children being the first to break the ice with the "normal" socialized people. :)

  2. I laugh at that socialization question when it comes up in regards to homeschooling!

    I suspect that my 'weird, unsocialized, homeschooled' kiddos would get along well with yours. :)


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