Friday, July 19, 2013

cherries and wet chalk

While harvesting cherries from our tree, my 3 year old asked if she could help.  Hmmm, a 5 ft. ladder, a hot, windy day, and a tree laden with cherries, sure, why not?  We took turns climbing the ladder and reaching for the bright red treasures.  It took at least 5 times longer than it would have if I didn't have 'help', of course.

She would routinely clamber up to the fourth rung and chatter and pick and muse and reach (I only felt comfortable climbing up to the third rung on the uneven ground with the blowing wind).  So, I stood right there ready to catch if need be.  Her balance only faltered once and she caught herself on a branch without need of my outstretched arms.  She quickly spotted another red beauty and continued picking undeterred.

After a slow hour of this up and down, she moseyed over to her little wading pool while I finished up.  I could hear her singing to herself about cherries and faeries in the tall, tall tree and being higher than a spire.  I don't know if she knows what a spire is, she may have just been rhyming sounds together.

It challenged my patience once or twice, but I wouldn't trade this for an efficient cherry harvest any day.

no pictures of Ayla, it was too hot for clothes :)

I wrote this in a post from last summer titled becoming.

It's all in process.  The end product may be the goal, but enjoying the process makes for a great life.  

In other news of the day, we made refrigerator dilly beans, and discovered that chalk soaked in water for a few minutes makes for satisfyingly bright, saturated colors.
 Ayla started by tentatively dipping the chalk in the water, but before long there were all different colors soaking in the bowl.  I thought they might turn to mush after a while, but they held up beautifully even after 10 minutes or so in the bowl.  When we were finished we just laid them out to dry in the sun and they were back to their original state.

Using a wet paint brush on the chalk resulted in a pretty gentle wash of a color.

May your day be filled with colorful beauty.

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  1. That is a great tip. I've noticed the chalk turns very bright or dark, but didn't realize that it drew so beautifully!


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