Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ordinary summertime busyness

There was a lovely visit from my brother and sister-in-law.
wiffle ball with 'Tio'

sharing a flower with 'Tia'

There was a play performance with Sylvia playing Snow White in the Granny Awards.

There was a sculpture by Camille
 fairy tower

There was an extended visit from the in-laws, in which Papa and Grandpa put in a lot of hard work to rebuild our root cellar.

There was a visit to the local fair

Camille's and Sylvia's favorite activity at the fair was walking on water in these giant bubbles.


There was the ordinary everyday diggin' in the dirt and roller skatin' in the living room and engineering games and physics games on the 'net.

There was homemade bubble solution.

There was strawberry pickin' with Grandma.



weedin' the front garden ~ before and after

Now we're ready for some ordinary summertime laziness!


Even the best kind of summertime fun and visits should be tempered with time to lie in the grass and watch the clouds pass by.


  1. Those water balls look awesome. My boys would love those!

  2. So much loveliness! I love the sculpture and I've never seen water balls before, too cool!

  3. They had those balls at the Galveston fair, but I'm scared my kids are going to get in and then freak out big time.

  4. Megan, I definitely considered that possibility, I figured we could just pull them out early if need be. Sylvia got in first and looked like she was having so much fun that her big sister wanted to try too.


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