Saturday, September 14, 2013

seasonal harvest

We have been busy puttin' up some of our garden harvest.  Tomatoes are being dried or roasted or chopped and squished and cooked and canned most days.  Apples are overabundant and being sauced and canned and frozen and dehydrated and baked and eaten and given away by the bag load.
 I usually have an eager helper or three at the kitchen table.  It's not always easier to incorporate their help, but they are still welcome :).

 Inspired by our visit to the Monroe County Local History Museum, Camille adapted a Civil War era recipe for hardtack and made it gluten-free.  It was very, very crunchy and she enjoyed it.  I feared for our teeth.

 no end in sight

Warrior-Princess Training is a regular occurrence around here. 
 with sticks

 and on the ropes

 "Mama, try it!"

The air is feeling crisp and the garden is changing its hues.
 red romaine lettuce turning to seed

 a few precious ripe strawberries still every day

  sorghum and red amaranth grains

 Will the melons ripen before a hard frost?

 late night saucing


  wild aster weed by my backdoor
 Because some of us are interested in such things, we looked up the medicinal properties of wild aster.  Sylvia, who is not yet reading fluently, was recently seen sounding out the word 'comfrey' in our deck of Wildcraft cards.  Ah, that's proper motivation :).
 calendula blossoms,
soaking in hemp and almond oils to become salve in the future

Camille and Sylvia have been enjoying some of the free drawing lessons on Mark Kistler's website, and we requested one of his books from the library.
 Sylvia's ninja eggs and flowers

 Camille's shaded flags, lilies, and stacked cylinders

 home fries and homemade ketchup

 on the way home from the library

 playing with sweet friends

 quiet contemplation

Judging by the enthusiastic show put on in my living room, Sylvia's first class at the Wisconsin Ballet Academy was a smashing success.
Throw in some Spanish-language learning on Duolingo, The 39 Clues on audiobook, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Alice in Wonderland on Netflix, and some good old Sesame Street, and our days are feeling full and fresh and varied and cozy.  

Tomorrow: a potluck (apple crisp from us, of course) and then a visit from very good friends!  Every day has been full of learning and hard work and goodness and laughter and challenges and creativity.  That will do.    


  1. It's time. Time to start gathering the herbs, for medicines.
    That makes me happy.

  2. Beautiful pics, as always. I especially love the last one, and the drawings are awesome.


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