Tuesday, September 3, 2013

(not back to school) explorin' ~ a day in the life

We had a late lie in, snuggling up in bed this morning with my girls.  When we moseyed on up for the day, we munched on some honeycrisp apples from yesterday's harvest.

The chickens were released from their coop and fed some grains.  Ayla collected the eggs, with all of her 3-year-old enthusiasm for such a job.

Camille watered her plants and aerated her hydroponic lettuce with a hand pump.

Camille and I looked at some funny pictures online and played around on some Griddlers logic puzzles.  We checked the Grandiloquent word of the day.  The girls played on a little keyboard, and danced and recorded their music.

After some sustaining food, we set out the back door and on down the hill.

thistle seeds

jewel weed

wild cucumber (not edible)

the last of the elderberries

Go ahead, girls.  Lead the way!

green acorn

colorful seeds (Anyone out there know what this is?)
(added) We discovered what it is, American ginseng!

the destination

Mama, it's a saxophone

Oooh, a tiny toad!

We eventually reemerged in our yard and raided the garden.
Sylvi, in the yellow pear tomato jungle

Camille and Sylvia wanted to do some still life art, and listened to piano concertos on Pandora.

Ayla eventually joined in with some crayons.

After getting out the kids' tape measure to see how tall each had grown, they developed some elaborate fishing game, in which Ayla 'reeled' in her sisters with carrots as 'worms' for bait.  When they tired of that, they watched an episode of The Powerpuff Girls on Netflix.

With evening approaching, I was in and out of the house and kitchen.  We prepped and ate dinner very informally.  Yesterday's laundry was taken off the line and a freshly washed load hung out to dry.
Bikes and scooters were pulled out of the garage.  When Papa came home from work, we took a short walk up the hill.  Camille and Papa settled in to strumming their guitars and Sylvi alternated between bongos and dance moves.  I read some picture books aloud to Ayla and a couple chapters of The Borrowers to Sylvia.

According to the school calendar, today is Sylvia's first day of 1st grade and Camille's first day of 5th grade.  It's another Tuesday in this joyful life and a glorious way to kick off the 'school year' for our family.

~a day in this unschooling life


  1. Wonderfull fotos in beautifull landscapes ,greeting from Belgium, and haapy day back scholl for children

  2. Hi, Louisette. Thanks for visiting from Belgium :)

  3. What a wonderful day!

    I love the idea of a word of the day. I wonder if they still make calendars, better yet index cards. Oh I see a "stewing" idea in the works. :)

    I so love your photos and what gorgeous apples. Yum!

  4. You do an amazing job with that new camera of yours!

  5. Nik, I have some of your art work from high school in the garage, remind me to give it to you when you visit if not before.


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