Tuesday, September 17, 2013

visitors and circus arts

On Sunday we went to a potluck, followed by the girls exploring an old cemetery in the drizzling rain with friends.  Shortly after getting home, we had visitors of our own and they brought the sunshine with them!
 There was wandering and chicken chasing, garden harvest and apple picking, lovely conversation and music making.

On Monday, Camille and Sylvia spent the morning learning circus arts, aerial silks, trapeze, and the German wheel.

In the middle of this excitement, there was a brief, but moderately intense sister-squabble-meltdown.  This let me know that we had reached our limit of fun, social, busyness. We dropped the rest of our plans for the day in favor of exploring a new natural area, Pewit's nest.  It was a wise choice, and declared to be the best...day...ever (as it often is, even on our bumpier days).  I love that!


  1. We get the best day ever a lot. Some times followed up with your the best mommy ever :)

  2. Bethany, it's enough to melt a mama's heart :) So much goodness


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