Friday, February 11, 2011

No damsels in distress here

In direct juxtaposition to the classic fairy tale theme, wherein a damsel in distress is captured by an evil dragon and rescued by a brave prince, my girls enjoyed acting out a much improved version...a dragon in distress (Camille) was captured by an evil knight (Mama) and rescued by a brave princess (Sylvia).

They had so much fun the first time that they swapped roles and did it all over again adding in a few twists.  Weaponry was added and the evil knight was banished to a dungeon (and actually enjoyed a lovely rest at this point in the plot).  A little while later, I overheard Sylvia say to her big sister, "we need more defense cannons."  This peace-lovin' mama couldn't help but laugh (and wonder where that came from) :-)

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