Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scrappy yarn projects

I have a great love of scrappy projects.  You know, those that use up random bits of yarn, fabric, or crafty supplies that are just begging to be repurposed.  Well, in the interest of using up odd amounts and colors of yarn, I have created a few different pieces over the years.  When Camille was little, I crocheted her a skirt that wraps around and buttons in the front (and is now worn by Sylvia).  These are all synthetic yarn...

More recently I knit her a little skirt with mostly wool and some fun yarn...

Ayla's baby blanket is all wool or wool blend (pattern is from the Fall 2009 issue of Living Crafts magazine).  I had intended to add in two more rows, but decided it's complete as a square...

So, my recent project, worked on between bouts of sickness from various family members :-(, is this pinwheel sweater pattern  that I found on ravelry.  I'm going to make a size half-way between the baby/toddler pattern and the adult pattern for Camille.  It should be easy enough to figure out (I hope).  Here's the beginnings...
Do you have any favorite patterns/ideas for using up odds and ends?

*for more inspiration check out the links at Linda's site for Creative Friday


  1. Love the skirts - such beautiful colours.

  2. Your skirts are beautiful! Everything you made looks wonderful. In the past I've knit comfort dolls with leftover yarn. Here is a link:
    I did send them to children in need in Africa, but made some for my boys as well...they still have and love them.

  3. Thank you. I think Camille and I will both enjoy knitting up some of those dolls from the link you posted, Laura. Another scrappy project and for a good cause!

  4. Your scrappy yarn projects are delightful--your daughters must love their little skirts, so feminine. My current favorite scrappy yarn project is a shawl I'm making in a Knit-along group on Ravelry--the Scrawl on the Wall Shawl. Here is the link: I am using fingering and sock weight yarns, but any yarns are okay.

  5. Your scrappy crafts are beautiful!

    I love using up leftover yarns! I collect little balls of yarn until I have enough. Enough for what, I never know until I start. I typically just sit down and start crocheting until the yarn lets me know what it wants to be :)


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