Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Separate but together

Today we each kind of did our own thing.  Sylvia liked playing geoshapes and other puzzles over at the National Geographic Kids website...She wrapped a scarf around her head, became Super Sylvia and repeatedly rescued me and Ayla from perilous situations....She had a dance party with her dollies and animals.

Camille braved the elements to take Tempe on his walk, came back in, watched several episodes of Merlin on Netflix, and back out into the blustery weather to lap the block a few times.  It was declared that winter is her favorite season.

Other than shoveling, I stayed in cozy, nursed Ayla who was feeling poorly, and spent some not disagreeable time up to my elbows in warm soapy water.  The dishes needed to be done, so I decided to enjoy it...  I made Sylvia a reversible "country girl" hat (as requested).  Camille's is on the way whenever I can make it to the store for some bias tape.

Papa's home. Dinner's in the oven.  Let the snow fall!

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  1. I love this idea of doing things separately sometimes, but still being together. This happens for us too, and it makes for a nice flow of life.


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