Wednesday, February 9, 2011

some of our favorite games

Camille, for a long time, did not enjoy games where there was a winner and a loser, so we've tried out quite a few cooperative games. Some of our favorites are:

~Wildcraft- it's fun and helps children learn about medicinal herbs and plants

~The Ladybug's Costume Party- also called Maskenball-der-Kafer by Selecta, a fun game and accessible for non-readers, but lots of little wooden pieces

~Harvest Time- by Family Pastimes (Sylvia loves it)

~Ogres & Elves- also by Family Pastimes (Camille loves it)

As the win/lose dynamic became easier we branched out.  Here are some of our other favorites:

~Hedbanz for Kids- to see Hedbanz in action in our house you could go here


~Mythmatical Battles-  It's pretty involved but Camille really enjoys it.


For more game favorites and to enter a game giveaway, check out Stephanie's post over at Ordinary Life Magic....
The Ladybug's Costume Party

Ogres & Elves

Harvest Time

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  1. Ogres and Elves sounds right up G's alley. I'll have to add it to our wishlist--thanks. :)


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