Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey Ho Halloween's Here

My girls love singing this Halloween song (over and over) and think it's particularly funny to replace hitches with britches :)

One little, two little, three little witches
Fly over haystacks, fly over ditches
Slide down the moon without any hitches
Hey ho Halloween's here.
~author unknown

We were going into the city to trick or treat with friends and decided to go early and spend the day.  I made a note of the different events going on for the holiday, from a Haunted Library, to a free costumed swing music concert, to a presentation called the Science of Halloween Candy at the university, etc.  Yet we ended up doing exactly none of those things.  Go with the flow, right?
My autumn queen, old-fashioned girl, unicorn-pegasus, and I ended up at the historical museum, where Camille really bonded with a woman who always clothes herself in historical dress.  She recognized that Camille's dress was made from an authentic pioneer era pattern.  When Camille told her that she dresses this way most of the time these days, we had a brief conversation about the freedom of homeschoolers. 
 After chatting with the volunteers we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

 We had lunch out and then stopped by the botanical gardens.

 We had the added bonus of being able to watch a pane of glass being removed from the conservatory dome so that it could be resealed. It looked awfully slippery up there, but they were taking proper safety precautions.

We stopped at a cafe for hot cocoa and Camille spent almost an hour reading to her sisters while I sat away from them and read the newspaper (well, daydreamed, really).  That never happens!

 We got together with spider woman and a zombie vampire for the trick-or-treating, and then stopped by another friend's house to share love and hugs.

It was a day celebrated, yes, but taken at our own pace, and thoroughly enjoyed.

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